If you are wondering what we can do to help you, it’s all here. Below you can find many of the repairs we do, as well as our other services, which you may find handy. Don’t know what the problem is, or want a quote?

Visit us in store, with the machine you are enquiring about, to get a free quotation. No fix? No fee!

Malware and Virus Removal
Is your PC running slow? You may have a virus or other malicious software infesting your machine! We can remove it.
From Only £25.00
Windows OS Restore
Is your computer having trouble booting up, or perhaps you’ve lost or deleted important start-up software? We can restore it!
From Only £40.00
Password Removal
Are you locked out? Forgetting a password can happen to anyone, but prevents access to important files. We can remove your password for you.
From Only £25.00
Games Console Repairs
Is your games console not playing nice? We can fix most modern games consoles – Better than buying a new one!
From Only £25.00

Apple Repairs

Apple Repairs
Are you having problems with your Apple Mac? Unlike many computer shops, we fix the whole range of Apple Macs! 
From Only £25.00
Whether it’s a software problem, a hardware failure, or you want more RAM and storage – we can help!
From Only £20.00
DC Jack Repairs
Is your laptop not charging? More often than not your DC jack is the culprit. Still want a new charger? Click here to see our range, and visit us in store to get one now.
From Only £50.00
Screen Repairs
A broken screen is one of the most common repairs we undertake here at The Laptop Shop. If yours is broken, we can fix it!
From Only £60.00
Hard Drive Replacements
If your computer has a broken hard drive, it’s usually more cost effective to replace the hard drive than the computer!
From Only £35.00
Tablet and iPad Repairs
Not only do we fix laptop and desktop computers, we can also repair your broken tablets at competitive rates! 
From Only £65.00
iPod Repairs
Are you missing out on listening to your favourite tunes? We can fix your iPod for a great price!
From Only £20.00
CCTV Installation and Maintenance
Secure your business with CCTV! We can install, maintain or even repair your CCTV system, meaning you don’t have to.
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